Braehill Baptist Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Truthfully - What state is your life in today?

Do you run from one failing source of happiness to another?

You live a good life yet you know there is something missing. 

The Bible gives us a great insight in the state of the man before GOD

In the book of Romans the inspired writer shows us what we are, where we are going and what we can be. So lets journey down that Roman road.

 Romans chapter 3 verse 23 

                                       That’s what we are. 

Romans chapter 6 verse 23a 

                                            That’s where we are going.

  Romans chapter 6 verse 23b

                                              That’s what we could be.

 Romans chapter 5 verse 8 

                                              That’s how we get there. 

There was no requirement for God to show His mercy to you and me, yet He did in sending His sinless Son to bear the punishment that was rightly due to us for our sins.

 Many will say that they have been good people. Many will say I belong to a church, I go every Sunday, I pay into the collection plate, my minister/pastor/priest tells me that’s good enough for me.

 Church will not save you, the minister/pastor/priest will not save you, good and charitable deeds will not save you and we cannot save you.

 Romans chapter 10 verse 13 

The ‘whosoever’ is you, if you would only acknowledge your sin and trust in Christ’s redeeming work at Calvary then you can be saved for all eternity. God cannot forgive that which you will not admit as being true about yourself. So confess your sin now and at that very moment your sins will be forgiven you.

Receive the Lord Jesus Christ  as your PERSONAL Saviour in your Repentance of sin and invite Him into your heart and life and He will never let you down. 

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