Braehill Baptist Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Christy's Salvation

A few months before I got saved I was bringing my wife to church on a Sunday morning and evening to Braehill Baptist. For many weeks I just left her in on a Sunday morning then went home again. I then started to attend on a Sunday night where Pastor Moore was the speaker at the time and was preaching the gospel. On these Sunday evenings I was starting to get interested in God once again.

When I look back at my younger days my recreation time was spent inside church halls because back then there was no leisure centres for to spend your time at and a night out was only to the pictures

In the meantime Joe McCandless and Malcolm Murray were the ushers at the door of the Braehill church and both used shout to me ‘hi! When are going to get saved’.

I use to laugh at them of course because like a lot of the people that I speak to now they are doing the same thing by laughing at God's love for them.

One Saturday morning I had to go into the centre of Belfast on to do an errand, and decided to go into one of the book stores to browse at the books, and I noticed this lady telling stories to the children that were there, and of course me being the person that I am I went over to listen what the story was about. Surprise, surprise it was about evolution and I thought what load of nonsense. I think that give me a kick.

That week at the Braehill Church there was a mission week on and Pastor Wesley Crawford was the preacher. That Sunday night  was the last service of the mission conference. That Sunday afternoon I was on edge i couldn’t settle down. My wife Harriett kept asking me what was wrong and I kept telling her there was nothing wrong. She also asked me was I going to church and I said no, but however at 6-20 pm she asked me again and i said yes. I had remembered that I had just read a verse in the Bible out of Isaiah 55 verse 3  “ Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.”

I then rushed very quickly like a snail and got ready and headed off to church. I always sat at the back like most people do, only this time I was paying attention to what Pastor Crawford was saying and I remember it well.

Preaching on Luke 17 Pastor Crawford was saying Lots wife turning into a pillar of salt because she kept looking back at her sin and that point I felt the work of the Holy Spirit inside working right through my body. I knew that’s what I was doing because my sin had a hold of me. At the end there was an invitation to be saved from Pastor Moore while praying and I just put my hand in air. The Holy Spirit took over and had showed me that I needed to have the sin in my life sorted through the Lord Jesus Christ. He had paid what I owed to God. On the 15th October 2000 I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus and now I depend on Him because He paid the price for my sin.  A pastor once said to me that when i got saved you will never look back.  At the time I didn’t see the wisdom in these words.  In October of 2000, I gave my life to the Lord, and I can honestly say that I have never looked back. I pray and thank God every day for my family who are also saved.     

Christy Dunseath 1/2011